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5 Things That Will Surprise You About The Burnsville Area

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Right outside of the Twin Cities lies Burnsville, MN. With glorious seasons and some of the United States’ most popular destinations located just outside of the city, Burnsville may have a small town feel but it’s bursting with plenty of surprises that await you. Here are 5 things that will surprise you about the Burnsville area!

Proximity to Minnesota’s TOP Destinations

Burnsville is just miles from some of Minneapolis’s TOP attractions!

Burnsville is 16.6 miles south of Downtown Minneapolis. Downtown is a hot spot for top rated restaurants, prime shopping, attractions, parks, and much more!

8.1 Miles north of Burnsville is the nation’s favorite mall, the Mall of America®! The mall features 5 stories and 520 stores! There is no sales tax on clothes from the stores or the shows. The Mall of America® also houses the United States’ largest indoor theme park – Nickelodeon Universe.  The mall also offers fun for adults. Located on the top floor is an adult-arcade fully stocked with games, bowling, pool tables, and much more!

Other attractions:

Be sure to check the Mall of America website to stay up to date on capacity changes and store re-openings.

We are 5.9 miles from the Minnesota Zoo which houses over 4,200 animals. With more than 500 different species of animals from 5 different continents, everyone is sure to find their favorite animal. The most popular exhibits are the Discovery Bay, Russia’s Grizzly Coast, Tropics Trails, Wells Fargo Family Farm, 3M Penguins of the African Coast and Medtronic Minnesota Trail.

Before visiting, be sure to visit the Minnesota Zoo website to reserve your tickets, read about new safety protocols, and plan your visit!

Goat Grazing

We all know weeds can be a pain, especially those pesky buckthorns. Rather than using your typical land management tools, the City of Burnsville decided to take a not-so-typical approach to maintenance. Goat Grazing was introduced in the fall of 2018 for the removal of buckthorn and to reduce the need for pesticides. 

Goat Dispatch specializes in goats for “hire” to control land management. The goats are contained by temporary fencing in Civic Center Park. Don’t you worry though – the goats are safe from people. The fencing is equipped with a solar powered, low voltage energy that ensures people are unable to bother the goats.

The goats arrived on September 10th and will be grazing the area for a full two weeks!

Buck Hill & The Olympics

Lindsey Vonn was born in St. Paul, MN and started skiing at the age of 7. What most people don’t know, is that that her career actually began at Buck Hill. Vonn has gone on to be a three-time Olympic medalist.

Other Olympic skiers to start at Buck Hill are Kristina Koznick, three-time Olympian (1998, 2002, 2006) and Tasha Nelson McCrank, two-time Olympian (1998, 2002).

Opening in late September 2020, Buck Hill introduces the new Bar & Grill – Buck ‘54! On your next Burnsville adventure, make sure to hit the slopes of Buck Hill and grab some grub at Buck ‘54.

Coldest Recorded Temperature

Minnesota is definitely known for its cold winter temperatures. But did you know that the lowest recorded temperature in Burnsville, MN was -34.0°F in January. Although the average temperature for January is only 13.5°F with an average snowfall yearly of 51.8”, Burnsville knows how to shock you with the cold.

Luckily there are plenty of indoor activities you can participate in such as shopping, visiting an aquarium, and mystery-related fun with Escapology. Or, if you do thrive in the cold weather, Burnsville is the place for you. With plenty of winter-related activates such as skiing, snow tubing, and much more!

A New Brewery Opened Mid-Pandemic

There’s a new brewery in town! What’s the most shocking part about this new business? They are opening mid-pandemic. Coming October 2020, Ineffable Brewing Co. is serving up science-based craft beer with a side of creativity. It all started with a husband, a wife, and their friend named Steven. This team wanted to bring a brewery to the city that brings a love of craft beer and incorporates the community into the process. You can read more about this new brewery in their recent interview with KSTP.com!

Burnsville offers a variety of things to do, places to eat and drink, and places to stay! Whatever adventure awaits you, share your photos with us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #MyBurnsville.

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