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Catch the Burnsville Spirit

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This holiday season, Experience Burnsville and the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce have partnered to support our local Burnsville businesses. Many of them have endured difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic and we encourage our community to be mindful and buy locally in every way possible.

Our local establishments remain vital to a strong economy. They help your community grow and contribute to innovation. Your local businesses care about the community they operate in, from donating to local causes to school teams, they’ve got your back. Let’s do our best to have theirs.

The Burnsville Chamber of Commerce created a Shop Local web page that displays holiday offers from local retailers, restaurants, lodging establishments, entertainment venues, and other service providers.

Check It Out

10 Ways to Support Local Businesses Now

Check out the tips on a variety of ways you can help local businesses. Every little bit helps. Though the challenges we face are tough, we can get through this by helping one another.

  1. Order Out: Several restaurants offer takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup. Other small businesses may also be offering delivery and curbside options.
  2. Buy Gift Cards: Helping provide a source of revenue now to your local stores, hair salons, boutiques, and restaurants.
  3. Share the Love: Share local restaurant takeout/deliver menus on your social media pages as well as other posts from local businesses. If you learn of a unique promotion or idea from a local business, share it!
  4. Keep Paying if You Can: If your financial situation allows, keep paying your cleaning people, daycare provider, etc. It will mean the world to them right now.
  5. Check out Local Online Offerings: some services are being adapted and delivered online, such as therapy, yoga, personal trainers, coaches, music lessons, etc. Through video conferencing, you can still support these types of businesses virtually.
  6. Tip Extra!
  7. Keep Paying Memberships and Subscriptions (if you can!)
  8. Volunteer Your Skills: If you’re a website designer, developer, or social media marketing expert, you could offer your services to local businesses that don’t have a website or e-commerce and help them sell and market online.
  9. Start an online contest or drawing for local business gift cards. During the holiday season, Zombie Boardshop plans to purchase local business gift cards and give them to customers who make a purchase.
  10. Just Give a Donation. Give from your heart; local businesses will all appreciate your help.

Spread the Spirit

We hope you’ll help spread the Burnsville Spirit this holiday season. Your generosity and support of local businesses won’t go unnoticed. Please help us share the message. Happy Holidays! Stay safe and healthy.

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