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How to Experience Burnsville with the Drive-In Concert Series – Again!

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The Relief Sessions Summer Concert Series was such a huge success for both the musicians and concert-goers that the events have been extended through Labor Day. The Relief Sessions are a great way to gain relief from being locked down at home and a way to experience live music again. The series kicks off again starting August 27th and running everyday through Labor Day.

The concerts will take place each day starting at noon through 8:45pm. The new concert series will feature a total of 48 talented musicians! For some, this is the first time the musicians will be performing for a live audience since March! All performances are free until 5:00 pm! The drive-in concert series will take place in the parking lot of the Burnsville Ice Center.

Safety Precautions

Enjoy the live-shows from the comfort of your own car. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay in your car! If your car gets too crowded, you can bring a chair and sit outside by your car. To ensure the safety of attendees, employees and entertainers, concert-goers must be inside a vehicle upon arriving at the venue. Social distancing will be enforced during the concerts.

Make sure to follow guidelines as described here to adhere to social distancing guidelines to ensure safety of all concert-goers and staff!

Food & Refreshments

Although this is not your typical concert series, concessions such as food and drink are still going to be available! There will be 5 food trucks on site with an assortment of great food to purchase while you attend the event, including beer and wine sold by the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe! You will be given a menu during admission into the drive-in concert of items available at the food trucks. Ordering from the food truck is as easy as;

  • Pick up your phone — call or text the number listed on the menu
  • Order your food and drinks
  • Pay over the phone
  • Your food will be delivered to your parking space!

Viewing & Admission

With the unique drive-in style concert, rest assured that there’s not a bad spot in the house. The venue will have a large LED Screen near the stage that provides a great view from any parking spot! To ensure prime-viewing remember you can bring your own chair to sit on next to your car.

Admission into the Relief Sessions will open one hour before the shows! Enter on Civic Center Drive off of Nicollet Avenue to be directed to the entrance. Be sure to depart the parking lot directly following the show if you’re only staying for one concert!

Post Event Fun

When the concert is done don’t the fun doesn’t have to stop. Don’t forget about the amazing restaurants that surround Burnsville that you can explore! Burnsville offers a variety of food choices located near the concert venue. Here is the full list of local Burnsville restaurants. With the current Executive Order issued by the Governor of Minnesota, restaurants are operating at 50% capacity as of now. For more information on COVID-19 Safety in Burnsville check out the Coronavirus Information Page.


Why not stay the night? You don’t have to give up comfort and affordability when staying in Burnsville. The hotel’s here offer a variety of restful accommodations at reasonable prices. If you’re headed over to the concert series from out of town – there is a place for you and you’re the whole family to stay. You’ll feel right at home with these Burnsville hotels;

Visit the full list of local Burnsville hotels for your next stay.


This concert series features a variety of musicians from local artists. You’ll hear a wide range of music genres from musicians such as:

  • Root City Band a funky blues band that combines crafted music with high-funk energy.
  • The New Primitives features a mixture of different genres such as Reggae, R&B, Afro Cuban, World Music, Deep Funk, and American Rock & Roll.
  • Sinatra! With The Andrew Walesch Big Band draws a unique crowd mixture of jazz enthusiasts plus a younger-generation.
  • GB Leighton, a band with more than a 20,000-fan base on Facebook – known for their country style music that ensures audiences will get up and dance.
  • The Johnny Cash Story as told by his longtime friend, Sherwin Linton. Take a journey is Cash’s stories, songs, and more.
  • + many more featuring the styles of Whitney Houston, Prince!, Bob Dylan, and more!

Get your tickets here to support local businesses and artists! Tickets are only available online prior to the show – so make sure you get yours before they run out!

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