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Neveplast: How to Hit the Slopes Without the Snow

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Winter is coming. However, if you can’t wait to hit the slopes, Buck Hill has you covered! Read on to find out how the Neveplast will help get you back in your skis before the snow even hits the ground.

What is Neveplast?

The Neveplast is a synthetic surface that was created in Italy to allow for skiing and boarding outside of the winter season. The surface is placed on the existing slopes at Buck Hill and simulates the conditions of skiing on compact snow. In the words of Buck Hill owner, Dave Solner, “It’s not snow, but it really has the feel of snow.”

What is its purpose?

Neveplast has allowed Buck Hill to extend the fun and enjoyment of the ski season. By opening the season early, you’re able to come out and get your ski legs ready for winter. Racers can hit the slopes and start their training sooner and recreation skiers can head over for a fun and unique fall activity.

What skill level is required?

There is Neveplast skiing for all skill levels at Buck Hill. The artificial slope is installed on a run with both steeper and flatter sections so beginners can learn to ski, and more advanced skiers can hone their skills. For the terrain enthusiasts, the Neveplast run also has various features set up along the hill to practice your best tricks. If skiing or boarding isn’t your thing, Buck Hill also offers Neveplast tubing so everyone can hit the slopes.

Mythbusters: “But I’ve heard Neveplast is bad for my skis!”

We want to bust this myth. While it’s true that too much heat and friction can damage your equipment, Buck Hill works hard to combat this problem and protect your gear. On the slopes, Neveplast is designed with holes in the material to permit cooling. Buck Hill also uses an irrigation system to keep water on the hill to further regulate the temperatures as you zip down the slope. Additionally, instead of using a rope tow, Buck Hill is relying on the chairlift to bring you to the top of the hill and allow more time for your equipment to cool down. You’re still not convinced? Leave your own equipment at home and try out this cool skiing opportunity anyway since Buck Hill offers rental equipment for Neveplast skiing and boarding.

When is Neveplast skiing open?

Neveplast skiing will be open until Buck Hill starts making snow, typically around early November. During the fall season, the ski and snowboard hours are Thursday evenings from 5 pm – 8 pm and Saturday afternoons from 12 pm – 6 pm. Their tubing hours are Saturday afternoons from 12 pm – 6 pm. We’ll see you on the slopes!

The ground is still green, but that isn’t stopping us from hitting the slopes at Buck Hill thanks to the Neveplast! We want to see your best fall skiing and boarding pics so tag them with #MyBurnsville. Then when the snow starts to stick, keep sharing your awesome winter Buck Hill pics with us!

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