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How Burnsville Got Its Name

Burnsville, Minnesota is a great place to visit, with fantastic places to get brunch and access to some of the best and biggest shops and malls in the country! All of which is conveniently located just moments away from the Twin Cities, making it the perfect place for everyone. But have you ever stopped and wondered how Burnsville, Minnesota came to be? Read on to learn more!

The origin of Burnsville dates back hundreds of years to 1820, when a man named William Byrne and his wife Julia immigrated from County Kilkerry, Ireland, to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. While living in Hamilton, William and Julia started a farm and had nine children. In 1849, the Minnesota territory opened up to settlers and just 4 years later in 1853, William and his family moved to what is now the northwestern part of the city. Being the first settlers in the area, William decided to call what we now call Savage, Minnesota “Hamilton” after the town he left in Canada. Hamilton quickly grew into a community of settlers with a school, churches, trade, and social events all taking place there. The Byrne family even donated land to help expand Hamilton, some of which became the Saint John the Baptist cemetery that he would later be buried in.



In 1858, “Byrnesville Township” was authorized by the Dakota County Board, and it is believed this was named after William Byrne. However, there was another family with the surname “Burns” that also lived in the area. The Town Clerks were not consistent with naming on the records for years, switching between “Byrnesville” and “Burnsville”. It wasn’t until the 1960s at the city’s incorporation that the “Burnsville” spelling became officially recognized by the state.



Today, Burnsville is a great affordable destination with a wide variety of things to experience. From some of the best live theaters in the Midwest, to the Buck Hill, where you can hit the slopes all year long, the Burnsville area has a lot to offer!



Whether you’re looking for a vacation filled with shopping and culture, a trip to experience the outdoors, or a fun weekend with the family, the Burnsville area is a great choice for 2022.

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